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2019 Request for Proposals

The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board (MCSAB) is pleased to invite proposals for high-quality charter schools seeking to open in the 2020-2021 school year or thereafter. The MCSAB is charged with approving only quality charter school proposals that meet identified educational needs and promote a diversity of educational choices. 

The MCSAB 2019 Request for Proposals is available here: FinalMCSAB2019RFP1.22.19.pdfFinalMCSAB2019RFP1.22.19.pdf

2019 Request for Proposals Timeline

The Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board holds one annual request for proposals process. Additional information about each component is available in the MCSAB 2019 Request for Proposals document linked above.

To view the pre-recorded 2019 Prospective Applicant Informational Webinar, please copy and paste the following link into your browser:


Interested applicants should email charterschools@mississippi.edu if they would like access to Epicenter in order to fill out a Letter of Intent and Eligibility Demonstration.

Date​ ​Milestone
Pre-Application Stage: Letter of Intent and Eligibility Determination​ ​
January 24​ ​ Launch of 2019 Request for Proposals
January 31​ ​ Prospective Applicant Informational Webinar - Register by emailing charterschools@mississippi.edu.
​March 5 ​ Letter of Intent and Eligibility Demonstration Deadline (5:00pmCST)
March 15 ​ Eligibility Determinations
​March 26 ​ Eligible Applicant Orientation Webinar - Eligible applicants will be invited to the webinar. 
Stage 1: Completeness Check​ ​
May 10​ ​ Complete Proposals Deadline (5:00pmCST)
​May 22 ​ Initial Completeness Findings Distributed
​May 24 ​ Completeness Remedy / Resubmission Deadline
June 3 ​ Final Completeness Findings Distributed
Stage 2: Threshold Quality Review​ ​
​June 4 - June 25 ​ Threshold Quality Review Evaluation
​July 8 ​ Threshold Quality Review Findings Distributed
Stage 3: Independent Evaluation Team Review​ ​
July 9 - July 30 ​ Independent Evaluation Team Proposal Review
​July 30 - August 2 ​ Capacity Interviews
​Mid-August TBD ​ Public Hearings
​August 15 ​ Independent Evaluation Team Recommendation Delivered to Applicants
August 22 ​ Applicant Response to Independent Evaluation Team Recommendation Due (5:00pm)
September 9​ ​​ Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board Final Proposal Decisions