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The mission of the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board
is to authorize high-quality charter schools, particularly schools
designed to expand opportunities for underserved students.

Mississippi is on the move!

Dr. Lisa Karmacharya

The outstanding performance and unprecedented gains Mississippi's public schools have made over the past few years appear to be nothing short of a miracle. In fact, many educational experts have coined the phrase "The Mississippi Miracle" as student achievement in every measurable metric is outpacing other states throughout the nation for the first time in history. The truth: As miraculous as it may seem to those on the outside looking in, a focused and relentless commitment to improve outcomes for all has driven these results. Mississippi's policymakers, school leaders, teachers, students, and families have made these dramatic differences in student achievement. 

While we are making progress, not all of Mississippi's families have access to high-quality educational options, and the number of students in underperforming and failing districts throughout the state remains staggering. State accountability results from 2019 reveal the glaring realities. Despite recent academic successes, there remain 230 "D" and "F" rated schools serving over 100,000 children. With no viable option for many of these families and children, it is incumbent upon school leaders, families, policymakers, and advocates not to rest on our success, but to insist on equity and opportunity for excellence for all. 

As our portfolio of schools continues to grow and our students make impressive gains, we will realize our vision where every child receives the academic, social, and emotional support he or she deserves. With an unwavering commitment to equity and excellence, we pledge our dedication to stakeholders to ensure every child has the opportunity for educational success.

Dr. Lisa Karmacharya
Executive Director