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The Mississippi Charter School Performance Framework is the accountability mechanism for all charter schools authorized by the Mississippi Charter School Authorized Board. The objective of the Performance Framework is to provide charter school operators and boards with clear expectations, fact-based oversight, and timely feedback while ensuring charter autonomy. The Mississippi Charter School Performance Framework assesses schools on their ability to operate as sound, independent entities that successfully serve all students. The Performance Framework features three key components: 1) routine ongoing oversight and submissions; 2) three performance frameworks which measure the academic, financial, and organizational performance of schools; and 3) annual performance reports. 

All Mississippi charter schools are issued an initial contract of five years. Over the course of this five-year contract term, charter schools are evaluated annually using the components of the Mississippi Charter School Performance Framework. 

Introduction to the Performance Framework


Academic Framework


Financial Framework


Organizational Framework

Intervention Ladder

Occasionally, routine oversight may result in adverse findings. When these situations occur, schools enter into the intervention process. All schools begin in Good Standing and can be moved to Level 1, Level 2, or Revocation Review depending on the severity of the issue or failure to remedy any concerns. Schools are issued Notices of Concern (Level 1) or Notices of Breach (Level 2) which detail specific concerns and due dates and steps to take to remedy any issue. Once schools remedy the specific issue, they move back to Good Standing. If a school does not take appropriate action, it proceeds further through the Intervention Ladder.

Annual Performance Report

At the end of each school year, all information from routine ongoing oversight is compiled with each school's results on the Academic, Financial, and Organizational Performance Frameworks. This information is reported in each school's Annual Performance Report. Annual Performance Reports are shared with school leaders and boards, published on the Authorizer Board's website, and included in any required legislative and public reports.


The Performance Framework provides timely and accurate information for charter renewal decisions. The Authorizer Board reviews schools for their initial renewal in the fall of their fifth year of operation. The Authorizer board considers Performance Framework ratings, timely document submissions, site visit and school tours, annual performance reports, and other relevant information in its decisions. The Authorizer Board is charged with grounding its renewal decisions in evidence of school's performance over the term of the charter contract in accordance with the Performance Framework. 

Framework Revision 2021