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Board Bylaws

Board Meeting Calendar 
Board Meeting Public Comment Request
MCSAB Board Approved Policies also available at Secretary of State's website
Charter School Law and Policies Pamphlet
Revised Charter School Contract

School Support Check-Ins
June 17, 2020 Meeting Agenda
May 14, 2020 Meeting Agenda
April 9, 2020 Meeting Agenda

​​​​2019 - 2020 Charter School Renewal
2019 - 2020 Charter School Renewal Timeline
Midtown Public Renewal Recommendation Report [FINAL]
Reimagine Prep Renewal Recommendation Report [FINAL] 

2020 Legislative Presentation: file:///Users/charterschools/Downloads/2020%20Legislative%20Presentation(2).pdf                      To view this presentation, copy & paste the link into your URL

2019 Board Presentation Findings
2018 Annual Report​
2018 Annual Report Addendum​
Complaint Procedure​

PEER Reports
FY 2019 PEER Report Summary - to view full report click here
FY 2018 PEER Report Summary​ - to view full report click here

2019 Charter School RFP Applications Cycle Resources
2019 RFP Letters of Intent
2019 Stage 2 Findings
2019 Stage 3 Findings​
August 23, 2019 Applications Committee Meeting Minutes​

Independent Evaluation Team Recommendation Reports:
Leflore Legacy Academy, proposed by MS Delta Academies: Charter School Application Recommendation Report
Memorial Preparatory Academy, proposed by Randy J. Naylor Memorial Foundation: Charter School Application Recommendation Report
Greenwood Charter School, proposed by MS Community Education Center: Charter School Application Recommendation Report
SR1 College Preparatory & STEM Academy, proposed by SR1: Charter School Application Recommendation Report

Charter School Program Annual Charter School Survey Report 
Press Release - Public Charter School Survey Findings Released
Public Charter School Survey - Charter School One Pager Report​

2019 Annual Performance Framework Reports
Ambition Prep - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report
Clarksdale Collegiate - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report
Midtown Public - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report
Reimagine Prep - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report
Smilow Collegiate - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report
Smilow Prep - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report

Rising Tide: Charter School Market Share and Student Achievement: The Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Tide Is Turning For Charters: Mississippi Today
School Choice By the Numbers: Empower MS​

Public Records Request 
Public Records Request Form [Fillable PDF Form]