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Board Bylaws


​​​​​​​​​​PEER Report Summary​

Complaint Procedure​

2019 Board Presentation Findings

2018 Annual Report​

2018 Annual Report Addendum​

2019 Charter School RFP Applications Cycle Resources

2019 RFP Letters of Intent

2019 Stage 2 Findings

2019 Stage 3 Findings​

August 23, 2019 Applications Committee Meeting Minutes​

Independent Evaluation Team Recommendation Reports:

Leflore Legacy Academy, proposed by MS Delta Academies: Charter School Application Recommendation Report

Memorial Preparatory Academy, proposed by Randy J. Naylor Memorial Foundation: Charter School Application Recommendation Report

Greenwood Charter School, proposed by MS Community Education Center: Charter School Application Recommendation Report

SR1 College Preparatory & STEM Academy, proposed by SR1: Charter School Application Recommendation Report

Charter School Program Annual Charter School Survey Report 

Press Release - Public Charter School Survey Findings Released

Public Charter School Survey - Charter School One Pager Report​

2019 Annual Performance Framework Reports

Ambition Prep - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report

Clarksdale Collegiate - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report

Midtown Public - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report

Reimagine Prep - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report

Smilow Collegiate - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report

Smilow Prep - 2019 Annual Performance Framework Report


Rising Tide: Charter School Market Share and Student Achievement: The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Tide Is Turning For Charters: Mississippi Today

School Choice By the Numbers: Empower MS​